Sunday, 21 December 2008


999, 48 Hours (aka 999), Abortion, Adam & The Ants, Acme Sewage Co, Addix, The Adverts, The Afterbirth, Aggrovators, The Aliens, Angelo, Paladino, Angels, Anorak, APB, Assault, ATV, The Automatics, The Ba, Backlash ,Bad News, The Bazoomies, The Bears, The Beastly Cads (aka The Models), Beggar, Benzine Fag, Berlin, Bernie Torme, Bethnal, Bill Kreme, Billy Karloff & The Goats, The Blanks, Bleach, Blitz, Blitz Kids, Blood Donor, The Blood Sports, Blue Screaming, Blunt Instrument, The Bodies, The Bombers, The Boys, The Brains, The Buzzcocks, The Bricks, Captain Comedown, Chaos, Chelsea, Charge, Charlie & The Clock, Checkmate, Cherry Vanilla, The Clap, The Clash, The Clutch Plates, Cock Sparrer, Cool Thrust, The Cortinas, The Count Bishops, The Cowards, The Crabs, Crazy Caven & The Rhythm Rockers, Crisis, Cyanide, Cycles, The Damned, The Dead, Dead Fingers Talk, The Defects, Defiant, Demon Preacher, The Depressions, Desperate Straits, The Destroyers, The Deviators, Diamond Lil , Dillinger, Dirty Dogs, Dole Q, Downliners Sect, Dresden, The Drones, Eater, The Electric Chairs, The Eyes, Exorcist, Fairclough, The features, Flight 56, The Framed, French Lessons, The Fringe, The Furs, GBH, Generation X, Gloria Mundi, Gotham City, Grass, The Hamsters, The Heat, The Injection, The Jam, Jerry Jam Rag, The Jets, Johnny Moped, Johnny Curious & The Strangers, Julie & The Film Stars, The Killjoys, Krakatoa, Kubie & The Rats (aka The Rats), Handbag, The Heartbreakers, Zoom, The , The Heat, High Mileage, Interference, Jesus Savage, Landscape, Larry Lasers, Last Resort, Laughing Gas, The lepers, Look, The Leyton Buzzards, Liz, London, The Lurkers, The Matiks, MacFocahest, The Machines, Magnet, Maker, The Maniacs, Masterswitch, Mean Street, The Meat, The Mekons, The Members, Menace, Metal Urbain, Mike Berry & The Outlaws, The Mistakes, Model Mania, The Monitors, The Monotones, The Mothers Pride, Mutants, Northwood, Nazi, Neo, New Hearts, The Nights, Nile, Nipple Erectors, Nosebleeds, Oppressed, The Nothing, The Now, Omm, The Only Ones, Open Sore, The Outsiders, Oze, Paradise Smell, Parazone, The Passengers, Penetration, Patrik Fitzgerald, Peroxide Romance, Perverse Plague, Plastix, Velvet, The Pigs, Pink Parts, The Pistols, The Pitiful, The Police, Radiators Prof & The Profettes, Psalms, The Public, Puncture, The Purge, Rabies, Revenge, The Raped, Red, Red Lights, The Rejects ( aka The Homosexuals) , Rezillos, Squad, , Richard III, Rikki & The Last Days On Earth, The Rings, Riot Roogalator, Rottin' Clits, Rubberball, Saboteurs, The Saints, Samuel Goodnight, The Sane ,Satans Rats, Schmo, The Screens, Shakin' Streets, Sham 69, The Shoplifters, Sinex, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Skrewdriver, The Skunks, Slack Alice, Slaughter & The Dogs, The Slits, Smak (aka the Unwanted), Social Class IV, The Sockets, Soho Jets, Solo, Some Chicken, The Speedometers, Spitfire Boys, The Spotty Dogs, The Springs, Spanker, Spunker, Squeeze, Stalag 16, Stinky Toys, Stormtrooper, The Stranglers, The Streets, Suburban Studs, Subway Sect, Suffocation, The Suspects, Swank, The Sweaters, Swing band, Sychodelic, The Tarts, The Tax Exiles, Teenage skins, Teeth, The Thrillers, The Tickets, Tiger Ashby, The Toes, Tones, The Tools, Tubeway Army, Trash, The unknown, UK Subs, Unorthodox, The Unwanted, Varicose Veins, The Valves, The Vamp, The Vibrators, Vile Bodies, The Violators, Violent, Virus, The Visitors, Wasted, Wire, The Works, Wrist Action, X-Films, XL5, X Ray Spex, XTC, The Xtraverts, Young Death, Youthanasia, Zabandip, The Zeroes, The Zips, Zipps.

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