Wednesday, 24 November 2010


The friends Pete Shelley and Howard Devoto attended to a Sex Pistols’ concert in 1975 in Manchester becoming obsessed with the idea of create a band with the same impact. They met Steve Diggle and John Maher and formed The Buzzcocks, but instead to write song about politics and government, they prefer to sing about the adolescent love, misunderstandings and funny stories. After a few time playing together, they were invited to open innumerous Sex Pistol’ concert, affirming their position in the British punk scene.

In 1977 they launched two albums “Spiral Scratch” and “Orgasm Addict” and suffered some integrants changes, departuring to an unsuccessful tour in USA. However, they reached success in UK.

During the following years the band had some difficulties, breaking up with the EMI that didn’t give support to a new album but only a single causing the rupture of the integrants. Shelley decided to invest in his solo career; Diggle and Maher formed a new band called “Flag of Convenience” and Garvey “Motivation”. In 1989 they decided to get back together for a USA tour but Maher was substitute by Mike Joyce (Smiths).

Now they are back to play one more time in Brazil!


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