Friday, 4 May 2012

Audrey Hepburn!

“According to Wilde, there was some concern at Paramount over Audrey’s flat-chested, almost boyish figure, which was certainly an exception among American stars during the primacy of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. ’I had the unfortunate task of informing Audrey that the studio might ask her to pad her bust off-screen as well as on. But she was adamant that she would change nothing in her appearance - she would be herself or no one at all. Of course she was right. She started an entirely different look in America, and in 1953 she was the one incomparable newcomer. The press had never seen anyone like her.” 
(Arthur Wilde - Paramount’s publicist assigned to Audrey in Los Angeles - comments on Audrey’s unique look. Quote taken from the book Enchantment by Donald Spoto.) 
Photograph: 1958

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Initials D.D. said...

Hermana, mi gemela espía! ♡

Me complace ver que incluyó en su Blog a la Condesa, sabía que le gustaría mucho. Pensé en específico y en especial postearla para vos.

P.S: Audrey Bellísima!

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