Sunday, 17 June 2012

Tennie Harris - Photographer an American Story!

"Woman outside Kay’s Valet Shoppe" by Teenie Harris
 (c. 1938–1945) 

 American, 1908–1998 Two young women eating caramel apples, c. 1940–1945

American, 1908–1998 Woman seated on car, with steel mill in background, c. 1940–1946

"Three men and a woman at a restaurant counter" by Teenie Harris (c. 1948–1960)
"Duke Ellington at piano, with dancer Honey Coles and Billy Strayhorn looking on, in the Stanley Theatre" by Tennie Harris (c. 1942-1943)

 Two African American women wearing U. S. Army caps

 American, 1908–1998 Herron Avenue at intersection of Milwaukee Street, Hill District, c. 1938–1945

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